The Mystery in the Bedroom

*SPOILER ALERT* There are no sexual encounters for the duration of the post. Not with me, not with a skanky mistress, none at all. You were going to be thinking that once I explained the setup, so it’s better to get it out of the way up front.

Let’s proceed.

As I was walking up the stairs to get ready for bed, I heard classical music coming from our bedroom. Now, you don’t know my husband, but he’s a bluegrass, country, there-should-be-a-dog-or-truck-in-every-song kind of guy. I’ve never heard him listen to classical.

I stopped midway up the stairs and furrowed my eyebrows. What was going on? It was a triumphant, battle sort of classical music, like the William Tell overture. Why was my husband listening to battle-type classical music? I didn’t have the handy spoiler alert that I just gave you, so I wondered if this was some kind of sexual thing. Like, was he going to be in there with a ripped shirt and acting all Braveheart-ish? Was he going to use a Scottish accent? Because I can’t do Braveheart. I just can’t.

Then I realized that my husband would simply never do a thing like that – ever – and so there had to be a more logical explanation. Also, my husband tried a Scottish accent once (in a completely nonsexual setting), and he sounded exactly like the Crocodile Hunter. He even said, “Crikey” if I remember correctly. So. That wasn’t it.

I took another few seconds to try to guess what was going on, and I came up totally empty. I decided to open the door and figure it out.

Turns out it’s a good thing that I didn’t waste any more time guessing, because I never would have guessed this. You won’t either. I bet you five dollars that you can’t guess what was going on in my bedroom.

……have your guess?……..

…….are you sure?…………

…… changing your guess when you read the next line……

Okay. Here’s what was happening: the dog was on the bed, and my husband was next to her with a CD player that was playing triumphant battle music. I asked what he was doing, and he said, “I’m doing music therapy with Ruby because she needs it.”


Honest to blog, my first thought in that situation was, “I cannot believe I’m the crazy one in this relationship.”

Apparently – I can’t believe I’m even typing this – our dog needs music therapy so that she will be comfortable around guns and shooting. She’s a hunting dog, so I kind of thought that came with the territory, but alas. This is something she needs in order to work at maximum effectiveness (says my husband).

Here’s how it works: there’s classical music for the first couple of tracks, and then when the dog is totally calmed, the music starts putting quiet gun pops in the background. As the tracks progress, the gunshots get louder and louder until the last track, where it’s just gunshots and no music.

THIS IS A REAL CD. Google it if you don’t believe me. We live in a weird world.

I was so shocked that this is even a product, let alone one that my husband paid for, that I didn’t know what to do. I think I laughed and awkwardly left to go brush my teeth. Or maybe I said, “Wow, cool jams” or something like that. I mean, what was I supposed to say?!

Bet you didn’t guess that’s what was in the bedroom, did you? I’ll keep my five dollars, thank you very much. I’m going to need it to pay for our dog’s therapy.


9 thoughts on “The Mystery in the Bedroom

  1. Oh. My. Gosh!!! I live in a huge hunting area, my husband/father/cousins/uncles all hunt. Unfortunately, none dog hunt, but still…. I am wiping up Dr. Pepper from my desk that I snorted out, reading this!

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  2. My dog is petrified of any kind of loud popping sounds. Distant gun shots (we live in the sticks, lots of hunting going on around us), fireworks, even cars backfiring on the road all send him running for his hidey hole behind the living room chair. Now, granted, my dog is a Maltese and they’re certainly not known to be a hunting breed, but I wonder if that CD would help train him out of freaking out whenever he hears a loud bang.

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  3. OMFG I almost spit out my drink!!! (spoiler alert: not an alcoholic drink lol).
    As a) an animal lover, and b) someone hoping to enter graduate school for music therapy, this post was all too amazing!! How do you manage to be so hilarious??? xx

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    • That’s awesome! Music therapy is so cool. I wonder if you learn anything about therapy for animals in your program? I’m just so surprised that people even thought of that enough to make/sell products for it. Apparently they’re really good!

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  4. Hello,
    Using music to desensitize a dog to unpleasant noises is an honest-to-goodness real thing. It can be very helpful with dogs that are thunderstorm phobic as well. The music incorporates the offending sounds at a very low level and is gradually increased until the dog doesn’t give a damn. So cool. Doc


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