Oops…An Accidentally Profane E-mail to My Boss

It wasn’t that profane.  It was ONE WORD profane, and it was an accidental word.  But when I work at arguably the most conservative Christian school in the country…it was kind of embarrassing.

I didn’t even notice it, and I always preach to my students about the importance of proofreading.  I remembered to proofread the e-mail itself, but clearly I forgot to proofread the greeting.  Therefore I sent it, and my e-mail started like this:

“Hell Tom,”

I didn’t even notice it until I got a one line e-mail back that said, “Hey!  Watch your language!!!!”  It also included an angry emoji.


People – I can’t even wear nail polish at this school.  I have to wear skirts everyday.  None of my students have televisions at home.  I can’t say, “Oh my goodness” because that is too profane.  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.  And, in that community, I just started an e-mail to my boss with the line “Hell Tom.”

I’m pretty sure a past version of me would have immediately freaked out that I was going to be fired and that this mistake was the end of the world, but the current version of me started laughing.  That’s such a duuuummmmb mistake, but clearly I meant “hello.”  I can’t get in trouble for anything other than being a poor proofreader (in which case, guilty as charged).  I also figured the fact that he included an emoji in his response meant that his e-mail was joking (and it was).  I don’t think my boss has ever used emojis, ever.  Or swear words, come to think of it.  I sent back a quick apology and moved on.

Honestly, I would love to use this as an example of the importance of proofreading to my students, but that would include the word “hell” and would probably get me fired.  Alas.  For my readers who are teachers, go ahead and steal that example if your school isn’t as conservative as mine.

Words I will make sure to proofread very closely from now on:






Phewf!  Lesson learned (the hard way).  Proofread your e-mails, folks.

18 thoughts on “Oops…An Accidentally Profane E-mail to My Boss

  1. Love this! I don’t email much anymore – except for work. I work with a Baptist Church. I’ve made a few mistakes when my fingers work faster than my brain. I learned my lesson as well.


  2. Fineeeeeee (even though you know that the best way to make someone intrigued about something is to refuse to tell them. You’re doing this on purpose, I swear).

    I will tell Andy Griffith you say hello. He’s dating the teacher in the room next to mine.

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    • No, actually I am not. You know me, I’ll just hang it out there like an 86 mile per hour curve ball–anyone can hit that. However, after reading about where you work I got to thinking that not all my readers would appreciate some of the more stark (shall we say?) pieces. Then again, now I am pivoting, since when have I really cared? Hmmmm, conundrum ahead.


      • 1. Where I work is not who I am. I just shouldn’t swear at my boss in e-mails, lol.
        2. If I don’t like what you post, I don’t have to read it (nor does anyone else). Maybe put a warning at the beginning: “If you’re feeling overly conservative or easily offended today, don’t read this!”
        3. If you can’t be yourself in a veritably anonymous cyberworld, where can you be yourself?
        4. If you’re uncomfortable posting it, then absolutely don’t. But don’t let faceless readers (or their workplaces) tell you what to do. Do what you want.
        5. Good luck with that conundrum. 🙂

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      • EXCELLENT! WHOO HOO, YIPPEE, ZOUNDS! twerp, lol. That’s like when the psychiatrist told me the other day that sometimes when someone is giving me feedback I tend to get a little “snarky.” That is one ugly f’ing word right there. And, while we’re at it, although I like the look of “writhing” I hate the pronunciation. Just sayin’


  3. Best to just stay away from my blog if a tiny accidental itty bitty profanitty (sic) is a problem. “Evil communication corrupts good manners,” (I Cor. 15:33) so if “hell” counts, I WOULD be fired immediately. But it was a cute story.


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