A Poem About What’s Wrong With Society

I think I’m finally in love

It’s just how they described

It’s what I have been dreaming of

For my entire life


I can’t take my eyes off his face

He’s beautiful and bright

My life before had a slower pace

So self-contained, finite


I can’t keep my hands off of him

And every time he speaks

I cater to his every whim

Even if I have to sneak


Some say this seems controlling

They say my love won’t be enough

But he needs me; I’m consoling

To help recharge when days are rough


What a love that money can buy!

I know I’ll never be alone

He is the apple of my eye

My wonderful iphone

11 thoughts on “A Poem About What’s Wrong With Society

    • BAHAHAHAHA! That had to be sarcasm, Ms. Pieces. I am not “outsanding” at poetry. I might hit “barely passing” on a good day. YOU, friend, are outstanding at poetry.

      Full disclosure? I thought of this poem while on my phone in the bathroom and thought, “WHY AM I SO INSEPARABLE WITH THIS RIDICULOUS PHONE?! That would make a funny poem…” And then I wrote it. Hardly inspired by anything significant.

      Liked by 1 person

      • No sarcasm. I’m honest, can’t lie. That poem was brilliant. We just write poetry in a different way. I can’t do that hook like you did. Poetry is in all shapes and forms. I WILL convince you that you are a poet. An outstanding one =D


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