The Debate Heard ‘Round the World

Since I frequently blog about insanity, it’s a wonder that the American political system hasn’t made an appearance until today.

This evening I will be watching the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  I will also be feeling a bit guilty, because I accidentally lied to some German students during the summer of 2105. They might still be mad about it.

I was in Germany with a group of fourteen other teachers, and we were visiting schools as part of our study of the German education system.  Trump had just announced he was running for president.  A group of students asked us, “Why is Donald Trump running for president in America?  Do you think he will win?”  EVERY teacher, from the most liberal to the most conservative, vehemently assured these tender German teenagers that America would never vote for Trump.  We didn’t even know why he was running.


I thought about those German teenagers this morning.  I wondered if they would watch this debate, and I decided probably yes.  They were very interested in American politics.  Then I thought, how many people in how many countries will watch this thing?   Then my imagination started rolling… Here are the conversations I envision happening in various countries regarding this debate:


Irish dude 1: Hey chum, you wanna chill with me and me mates while we watch America continue self-imploding?

Irish dude 2: Sure!  I’ll pick up some Guinness on the way.


Mexican dude 1 (to no one in particular): America had better not elect Trump.  There is no way I’m building that frickin wall.  *eats a taco*


British lady 1: Would you like a cup of tea?  Shall we watch the American presidential debate?

British lady 2: Of couse, dah-ling.  Who is running?

British lady 1: It’s Mrs. Clinton and that Trump fellow.

British lady 2: Oh bloody hell.


Canadian guy 1:  Looks like America has gotten themselves in a pickle, eh?

Canadian guy 2: How’s our immigration policy?  Maybe we should build a wall…



(No one in Switzerland watches it.  They’re always neutral, so their foreign policy game is a bit lacking.  For Switzerland, just imagine people enjoying a normal day.  Perhaps they hear a far off yodel).


German teenager 1: Stupid Americans.

German teenager 2: Yup.

(My bad, guys!  I’m just as surprised as you are!!)


Watching this election season is like watching a bad reality show where the winner gets a country.  Someone should suggest airing this debate on MTV, because that’s where this crazy belongs.  Does anyone else feel like politics has turned into show business but for ugly people?  Because that is what it feels like.

Ack! I just pictured Trump and Clinton as contestants on The Bachelor(ette).  Can you imagine the fantasy suite episode?  Stop!  Don’t imagine it!  The mental image buuurrrnnsss!  MAKE IT STOP!!

America’s a weird place to live right now.  I think I’d rather be drinking the Guinness and eating the taco.  But hey, maybe the contestants (oops, nominees) will surprise us and prove to be really knowledgeable, articulate, and respectful this evening.  We can always hope.  The fact that they’re there in the first place proves that in America, anything can happen.

17 thoughts on “The Debate Heard ‘Round the World

    • Thanks!! Knowing I can make someone laugh makes my whole day. For real. There’s too much pain in the world, and if I can kick pain’s ass by making someone laugh – even for a second – then my life had purpose that day.

      Probably a little deep for a response, sorry, but just know that meant a lot to me!

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      • That’s not deep – it’s beautiful, and true, and also something that I hope to accomplish through my writing. If it makes one person feel understood, or smile, etc. – then it’s worth it! 🙂


  1. Hazel, Let me tell you what we in Cameroon and maybe many in Africa think

    Individual 1: Those know it all Americans again with some crazy stuffs going on all in the name of presidential elections and campaigns and reality tv stars and all what nuts

    Individual 2: Better us with no democracy stuff and just having the same guy and his clan fool aroung ad inifitum and leave us to sort our poor selves out

    Individual 3: Whicever way you look at it, it’ll not affect you personally (maybe the African continent as a whole), so I suggest we go to the bar and buy our beers and watch that football match unless you really want to stay up till midnight and more just to watch that show

    On a personal note, I was stayed up till 1 pm to see the start, just wanted to see Hilary’s face and how she’ll keep her cool while Donald sulked and regreted not being able to tell her to ‘shut her feminie mouth up’. As for the results, ah am waiting for November afterall whoever wins, whatever happens how will that direcly affect me? meh

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    • I loved that!! Thanks for giving me a perspective from so far across the world. I certainly hope it won’t personally affect that many people, but unfortunately I’m quite sure it will personally affect many of us in America. The current administration certainly has changed our society (good and bad things, but I have definitely been affected).

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  2. Ugh. Just…. ugh. You are right – there might be a surprise and a write-in may win. Tired of the crazy and the joke American politics have turned in to. My husband, even though British, has followed this election very closely. This morning, he actually said he is over this election. I have been over it since 2015! But yes, I am still voting. Too many woman, and men, have struggled to give women the right to vote, and I won’t throw away my chance to exercise my right as a citizen! But I have a bad feeling about this…..

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  3. Ah I’m here in America, I’m just as confused with our selection of presidents this year as everyone else. I’ve seen people on social media saying their praying for us Americans. You wouldn’t believe the amount of trump supporters here. There’s a car in my town that has Trump spray painted on the side, with trump flags propped up in the bed of their truck, people with homemade trump signs and stickers on their house, it’s insane. I personally wanted Bernie, and I honestly think he won but the government knew that wouldn’t be good so they arranged for Hillary to win the votes. I guess we’ll see how this election goes.

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  4. “Watching this election season is like watching a bad reality show where the winner gets a country.” Possibly the best description of this campaign season EVER! What’s next? Smart-phone voting after each “episode?”

    I’m waiting for the one where the Americans who who aren’t taken in by adolescent bully behavior get to say, “You’re FIRED!” But then, I’m beginning to be concerned that there might not be enough of us left to vote him off the show.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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