Let’s Go Catch Stars

Last night I told my husband we should go catch stars.  Oddly, I think one of the main reasons I remember this is because he said, “You should probably go to bed now…you’re not even going to remember this in the morning.”  I generally have memory gaps when I get psychologically weird.

When he said that, I obviously thought, “Shut up, you sane person!  I WILL remember this!  Because this is my BEST IDEA EVER!”  And I willed myself to remember that moment, which I did.  So ha.  I win.

I’m not exactly sure why I thought catching stars was a great idea.  Every once in a while, I enter a psychological vortex that feels like the opposite of a panic attack.  It’s where I have a super great idea that we should go do right exactly now, but it usually ends up being something quite weird (when I remember it at all).  Last night it was catching stars.

When you think about it, catching stars really does sound fun (you know…if it was possible).  I believe I said that they’re just “hanging out up there” and “why don’t people ever go get them?”  They could keep them in jars like fireflies, and they could take one out whenever they need a wish!  I think then I said something about what I would wish for, but I don’t remember what I said (my husband didn’t challenge me to remember that).

Having a mental illness mostly sucks, but think about it – for a few minutes, I lived in a world where catching stars was possible.  Was it healthy?  Probably not.  Exciting?  Heck yeah.  It’s worth mentioning that sometimes my world is even more fun than reality, but I guess reality is a safer place to live.

Maybe I can’t literally catch stars, but I’m sure I could squeeze a “go for your dreams” metaphor out of that situation.  It practically writes itself.

Go catch your stars.  Metaphorically only.

17 thoughts on “Let’s Go Catch Stars

  1. Hazel, I just read your post and you inspired me to write a poem. I hope it speaks to you the way you spoke to me.

    Catching Stars

    Glowing, glimmering, glinting orbs
    Twinkling down from up above
    They call to me, a waking dream
    Twirling, dancing, setting me free.

    To go and catch some shimmering stars
    To hold them in my hand
    This is my current reality
    yet no one understands

    “It isn’t real. It couldn’t work”
    Your voice echoes in my mind
    Taking, breaking my smiles and laughs
    You tell me it’s better this way.

    In your real world, your “healthy ways”
    You only see the sign
    The one society draped over my neck
    That says “she’s not alright.”

    But I have a secret that turns my lips
    Into a joyous smile once more
    I see the stars falling all around
    Yes, I know where they are.

    I caught their glowing, glimmering light
    I keep it in a jar
    It gives me light on my darkest days
    It will take me far.

    So keep your beat up silly signs
    Keep your judgment, pity, and sighs
    For I see wonder in this life
    Starlight reflecting in my eyes

    ©2016 Melissa McLaughlin

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