Doing It Right (Granny Style)

When kids play games, they usually play school or house.  They rarely play pharmacy.  I’ve actually never seen anyone play pharmacy.  Maybe that is because it’s not very fun.

Lately I’ve felt like I am playing pharmacy.  I have an impressive collection of bottles that almost completely covers the navy blue tiles of my bathroom counter.  There are fat bottles, skinny bottles, orange bottles, blue bottles… (Where was the Dr. Seuss book about this?  MISSED OPPORTUNITY).  Every night and every morning, I pick up each bottle and take “one of these, two of these, a half of this one…” etc.  It takes forever.

If any pharmacies in the area are robbed, I hope no police officers check my bathroom.  I’d be a person of interest faster than you can say Xanax.  They might just skip the questions and arrest me on the spot.  No one could possibly have that many legal pills (right?).  It doesn’t help that some doctors give me three months of a prescription at a time, so then I have stupid amounts of pills lying around even if I’m only taking one or two per day.

I’ve been resisting the inevitable, but I think it’s finally time:  I’m going to have to do pills granny style.

When my grandma was alive, my mom used to go to her house every Monday morning at 9:00 AM to “do her pills.”  That meant taking grandma’s personal pharmacy of pills and sorting them into easy-open compartments separated by day and time of day so that when grandma had to take her pills, it was just POP! – open the plastic flap and there you go.  All of the pills in one easy spot.  She didn’t have to play counter top pharmacy games every day.   Her pill container looked like this:


Now, that is very handy and nice for grandmas, but I’ve always felt like you should hold a genuine AARP card before needing to buy one of those.  I’ve told myself, “No problem.  I’ll just sort out the pills as I take them.  Not a big deal.”  The problem is that we have a beautiful bathroom counter top, and I CAN’T EVEN SEE MOST OF IT.  Plus, when I’m trying to dispense my own pills at 6:30 AM, half the time I’m still all bleary with Einstein hair and feeling angry at the world for existing so early.  I’ll frequently pour too many pills or accidentally drop one or two on the floor (then subsequently put them back in the bottle because – hello – ten second rule, and also it’s too early to think about germs).

Basically, it’s time to bite the bullet and go granny-style with pills.  It will save me a lot of time, it will clear counter space, and I’ll stop accidentally eating dog hair from my bathroom floor.  I started shopping on Amazon for a good pill container, and I tried to find a hip, non-ancient-person looking one.  I tell you, fashionable pill containers do not exist.  Why can’t being crazy also be kind of cute?!  This is unfair.  I’m going to create a line of stylish pill containers, and all of my mentally-awesome blog friends will buy them.  I’ll sell them to psychiatrists for distribution.  This could catch on, y’all.

Until then, I’ll use a dumb granny-looking one.  I’ve decided I’m also going to put a gummy bear in each pocket. I hate taking pills, but I feel like I can’t possibly be that mad when I open the container and see, “Hey look!  A gummy bear!”

Wait a second, that’s kind of like when my parents used candy to potty train my sister, isn’t it?  I am using candy to make myself form positive habits.  Oh boy.  I’m a granny, but I’m also two years old.  Faaaantastic.  My life is strange.

Here’s to you, Grandma K.  Let’s rock these drugs old-school style. Maybe I’ll even do my pills on Mondays just to be like you.

11 thoughts on “Doing It Right (Granny Style)

  1. This made me laugh. 🙂
    I used to have a pill container, but got so sick of it. I would fill it up with the last few pills from my containers and then forget I used all the pills and not realize until I was out. :/ Someone should definitely make a stylish pill container though. Seriously.


  2. I feel your pain. My mom gave me a cute little pill sorter when I was trying to find one that wasn’t so dang ugly. The only problem is that. It’s cute and little. That means I can only fit like 2 pills in one hole, and it has 8 holes. Who does that? So its essentially useless.

    I even hit up etsy. The land of all things cute and creative. NOTHING. They had cute pill sorters, but the compartments had no lids. Dumb.

    There’s got to be a way.

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  3. My husband takes all his pills at one time, in the evening. But because of his forgetting if he took them or not, I made him start using a pill sorter (same one, use it once daily for a month of pills). He takes 5 pills two of them are huge, so it’s a big sorter!!!! But it has helped A LOT in the before bed conversation of, “Wake up, sweetie, you have been snoring an hour, time for bed. Did you take your pills?” “Yes, I took them 15 minutes ago.” “You were asleep 15 minutes ago.” “Oh, right. No – I didn’t take them.” Sigh…

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  4. Oh you made me laugh. I thought I was the only one. I felt like an old man when I made the decision to get one. I stood in front of them at the pharmacy hating what I was going to do – had to do. Fortunately I only need one that has slots for AM and PM, and not the big monster like your grandma had. Filling them out Sunday night while watching the tube is my weekly ritual.

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  5. Um… I would totally buy that pill container… that’s actually a really marketable idea and you should totally go for it. Heck, the dividends might help you pay for the pills you have to put in it. Just sayin’.

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  6. Hazel, you’re so funny. I was thrilled when I got the bright idea of using a pill box. No more loopy side effects when I forgot a dose. I thought I was the smartest crazy person on Earth. It still didn’t help me *remember* to take my pills. So, I set up an alarm on my iPhone with pretty, pretty music. All bases covered. Now, gummy bears would have been beyond brilliance. Or a little M&M. You rock, sister.

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